MAGDALENA — visual communicator


— Magdalena is a designer, illustrator & visual communicator living and drawing in Zagreb, Croatia.


Magdalena Krpina Zdilar

designer, illustrator & visual communicator



I am a designer, illustrator, animator, creative director, brand consultant. A visual communicator. My work encompasses visual identity design, branding, any kind of digital and classic illustrations, drawings & paintings, murals, book covers, photography, promotional and marketing materials, product design... and the rest.

I studied at School of applied art and design and College of market and visual communications. On Public Open University Zagreb l got a diploma from analog and digital photography.

While working in marketing agency, design studio and publishing house, I have been preparing and collecting experience for running my own business where I could finally… work days and nights!
And I did it. I work days and nights with most diverse people, trying to understand the way their toughts go. I like to hear what my clients have to say, which color they like and what do they want to be. Along hiking and cross fit, l am training patience. Every day. 

l am very happy l took advantage of the opportunity to do the job l absolutely love and enjoy. The idea of better myself inspires me to work to become everything l could be.

And now...