SelectedHome is a brand dedicated to providing premium home and lifestyle products. Its primary objective is to establish an inviting, cozy, and timeless ambiance while promoting a conscientious and harmonious way of life. The brand primarily caters to self-assured and accomplished women who possess discerning tastes. These individuals seek simplicity, affordable luxury, modernity, and meticulously curated products to enhance their living experience.
SelectedHome strives for subtle and motivating interaction with customers who value deliberate and logical choices across all facets of their lives. Their goal is to create a high-quality and tranquil living environment that aligns seamlessly with human nature, ultimately fostering a sense of contentment and well-being.

The logo, featuring the brand name, serves as the primary visual representation, crucial for brand recognition across communication channels. The logo concept emphasizes the balance between rational and emotional dimensions, essential for customers who consider both aspects when making decisions about purchases and creating harmonious living spaces. In the brand name, words are not separated by spaces but differentiated by their nature (regular/italic), reflecting a mature, balanced person. This combination within the timeless serif font symbolizes the harmonious union of emotional and rational dimensions for a healthy and content experience.

The brand's color scheme encompasses Deep Charcoal, a distinctively strong and enduring blackish-gray shade, as well as Warm Mist, which exudes warmth and tranquility. These colors, when combined with Off White as the neutral base, emphasize the brand's simplicity and purity. For added versatility and to enhance the brand's character, Light Clay has been introduced. This hue contributes to brand recognition while infusing warmth, comfort, and balance. In addition to the core color palette, accent tones have been incorporated to enhance the brand's ambiance and reinforce the themes of naturalness, warmth, and comfort. The calming True Olive and the more vibrant Terracotta create a harmonious contrast, collectively embodying a sense of natural harmony and complementing each other seamlessly.