PROJECT / Greethings from Croatia

GreeThings from Croatia is a brand which collects best of domestic Croatian products which induce all senses. The series contain more than 20 products (and growing) such as aromatised wine, liqueurs, spices, bath salts, tea and many more. Every product is originaly made in Croatia and packed in GreeThings boxes which makes them the perfect souvenir.
As we speak of Croatia's full experience, this concept is based on those two words - CROATIA & EXPERIENCE, so the it means that GreeThings is not just a souvenir, but a product that gives you Greet (intangible, non-material, experience, emotion) and Things (tangible, material, visible, product, gift) in one. Read more here or here.
*nominated in ZGDW Award (an international design award presented annually by the Zagreb Design Week, Croatian design festival)