PROJECT / Dajana Pajkic visual identity

Dajana Pajkić is a highly skilled makeup artist with more than ten years of industry expertise, consistently ranked among the most in-demand makeup artists in the region. Explore her work here. As a testament to her unique brand identity, Dajana has cultivated a distinctive monogram logo. This logo is a fusion of her initials, encapsulating her individuality and style as a makeup artist. It serves as a symbol of her professional persona, reflecting her commitment to excellence and creativity in the world of beauty.
Furthermore, her attention to detail extends to her business cards, which are meticulously crafted using smooth, soft-touch coated paper. These cards are adorned with exquisite silver foil accents, much like the way perfect skin radiates a subtle and sophisticated elegance. In mirroring the sheen of a mirror's surface, they encapsulate the essence of her craft – a fusion of skill, artistry, and a commitment to helping individuals look and feel their best.